Vision & Mission

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Our vision is that all Métis children, youth and families live with love, honour, dignity and respect knowing they belong to a strong, proud People with a unique heritage and cultural identity.


As Métis people we have the right and responsibility to care for and support the safety and wellbeing of Métis children, youth and families.  As a Métis child and family services agency, we aspire to continue our Nation’s legacy of being self-sufficient and resilient by:

  1. Working respectfully with all levels of government to promote strong, healthy Métis  children, youth and families;
  2. Offering family programming and child safety services that are embedded in and delivered with love, compassion, respect;
  3. Ensuring these services are consistent with Métis traditions, values and ways of caring for and honouring one another;
  4. Cultivating and nurturing a sense of belonging to one’s Métis community and cultural identity;
  5. Promoting and demonstrating reconciliation in Métis child and family services.



The Métis are a people distinguished by their independence, individuality and resilience. The Cree referred to Métis people as Otipemisiwak, which, loosely translated, means, “The people who own themselves” or “The people who govern themselves”.