Our goal as a Métis child and family service agency is to ensure that children’s safety and family wellness services are delivered to the Métis children and families in a manner consistent with our Métis values, traditions and way of caring for and honouring one another.   Our Métis Elders are our teachers who will guide us in transforming services and help us accomplish this goal.

Roles of Members of our Voices of the Michif Elders

Mentorship, Guidance and Provide Recommendations.

The role of the  Voices of the Michif Elders (VME) is to provide mentorship to social work practice and to ensure that Social Workers, Family Support Workers and Caregivers caring for Métis children and youth are providing services to our children/youth and families consistent with our Métis values, beliefs and traditional ways of being.

VME may be called upon to offer recommendations regarding guardianship and child protection cases in which staff, caregivers, children/youth and/or families require guidance and support.

 Conflict Resolution.

This is a process that empowers people to build mutually beneficial relationships and to resolve conflict.  Conflict may occur between staff members, community partners, caregivers and clients or may arise when managing difficult or complex cases with respect to our families.  Member of our VME may be called upon to facilitate a respectful resolution to conflict in a manner consistent with our Métis values, processes and traditions.

 Cultural Advisors.

Michif Elders play a vital role in creating a culturally-affirming environment.  Members of the VME may be called upon to serve as cultural advisors by sharing their knowledge and cultural teachings at community activities, workshops, ceremonies or other events hosted by the Society.

Agency Knowledge and Understanding.

Michif Elders may be called upon to join the LMO staff meetings to share their knowledge and teachings as well as gain a better understanding and perspective of the day to day work performed by the social worker.

For more information on the Voices of the Michif Elders contact us at 250-554-9486.