Ministry of Children and Family Development

In August 2012, the Ministry of Children and Family Development Kamloops Aboriginal Team co-located with LMO to enhance child protection and support services to the Métis population in Kamloops.  All such services are delivered with the active participation of LMO to provide services in a manner consistent with traditional Métis values.  We welcome this unique opportunity to work side-by-side our MCFD partners as we work together to transform services and improve outcomes for our Métis children, youth and families.

Child Safety

The Child, Family and Community Service Act is the legislative authority for the ministry’s Child Protection Services. Under the Act, the Minister designates the Director of Child Protection, who in turn delegates the provision of child protection services across the province to child protection social workers.

The Act requires that anyone who has reason to believe that a child may be abused, neglected, or is for any other reason in need of protection, must report it to the Director or a delegated social worker. These reports are investigated by social workers, who take the most appropriate action that is least disruptive for the child. These actions may include:


  • providing or arranging the provision of support services to the family
  • supervising the child’s care in the home, or
  • protecting the child through removal from the family and placement with relatives, a foster family or specialized residential resources.