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Our vision is that all Métis children, youth and families live with love, honour, dignity and respect knowing they belong to a strong, proud People with a unique heritage and cultural identity.

TaAnishi, Piihtikway

(Hello, Welcome)

To report a Métis child in need of support or safety  

Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
LMO Main Office  at 250-554-9486


As Métis people we have the right and responsibility to care for and support the safety and well-being of Métis children, youth and families. As a Métis child and family services agency, we will continue our Nation’s resilient legacy as we:
1. Work respectfully with all levels of government to promote strong, healthy Métis children, youth and families;
2. Offer family programming and child safety services that are embedded in and delivered with love, compassion, respect;
3. Ensure services are consistent with Métis traditions, values and ways of caring for and honouring one another;
4. Construct, hold, manage and maintain culturally safe and affordable housing options for Aboriginal youth who are receiving or who have received services from the provincial child welfare system, Elders and other Aboriginal Persons deemed eligible by the Society.
5. Cultivate and nurture a sense of belonging to one’s Métis community and cultural identity;
6. Promote and demonstrate reconciliation in Métis child and family services.

Land acknowledgement

Taanishi Kiya Wow

We are honored to be here and we would like to acknowledge that Kamloops is located within the Unceded Secwépemc'ulecw specifically within the territory of Tk'emlups te Secwépemc and home of the Two Rivers Métis Chartered Community.  We are grateful and indebted to those who came before us to be able to live, work, and play within this beautiful territory.

A Land Acknowledgement:

  • Is a way of honouring the indigenous people who have been living & working on this land forever;

  • It is recognizing the unique and enduring relationship that exists between indigenous people and their traditional territory;

  • It is a reflection process in which to build mindfulness and intention when you walk into a gathering such as we are having now;

  • It should be rooted in the land we are honored to stand on and should guide how we move forward in both conversations & actions;

We ask you to keep these in mind everyday.

Maarsii, Kukstemc, Thank you.

Our Logo

This logo expresses caring, safety and well-being of children in accordance to the Métis culture and Traditions by incorporating the following concepts.
• The Red and Blue colours from the Métis flags represent both Aboriginal and European cultures. They’re used within this logo to express unity.
• Two joining hands in the center (the ends of the sash or ceintures fléchées) express caring, well-being and belonging.
• The logo is the shape of the infinity symbol, borrowed from the traditional Métis flag. This infinity swirl is created with traditional Métis sash (ceintures fléchées) graphics. Additional colour yellow was added, as they can come various colours and are sometimes quite vibrant.
• Within the pattern of this sash, there are childlike drawings of children playing safely within their community.

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“Otipemisiwak” The Métis are a people distinguished by their independence, individuality and resilience. The Cree referred to Metis people as Otipemisiwak, which, loosely translated, means “the people who own themselves” or “the people who govern themselves”.