Elder's Council

Our goal as a Métis child and family service agency is to ensure that children’s safety and family wellness services are delivered to the Métis children and families in a manner consistent with our Métis values, traditions and way of caring for and honouring one another. Our Métis Elders are our teachers who will guide us in transforming services and help us accomplish this goal.
The role of the Voices of the Michif (Métis) Elders (VME) is to provide mentor-ship to social work practice and to ensure that Social Workers, Family Support Workers and Caregivers caring for Métis children and youth are providing services to our children/youth and families consistent with our Métis values, beliefs and traditional ways of being.

Michif Elder's Council

Fred Paquette

Elder Council Member  

Joyce Munroe

Elder Council Member  

Lynda Tilley

Elder Council Member  

Patrick Savard  

Elder Council Member  


 Council Member  


Elder Council Member  


Elder Council Member  

DeeDee Hurd

Elder Council Member  


Elder Council Member  

Don Beauchesne

Elder Council Member  

Ellen ahdemar

Elder Council Member  

Michif Board 

The Board is comprised of Directors with an elected slate of executive officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer). The Executive Officers or Executive Committee are empowered to act on behalf of the Board, in a limited capacity, between board meetings. As LMO has a very small Board, you may not have the formality or the full structure of other boards.
The Board fulfills traditional functions:  
  • Setting the strategic direction for the organization, 
  • Reviewing the conduct of the organization’s business and 
  • Providing assessment of the Executive Director, who is responsible for day-to-day operations.   

Michif Board Members 

Jennifer Casorso


Patrick McDonald

April Fisher 

Bill Frymire

Wendy chernivchan

dawn campbell

Administrative Team

The role of the Michif Administration Team is to provide the office with all supports. These roles are vital to ensure that everything in the background is taken care of for all staff, and business can run smoothly and efficiently.  

Michif Admin Team

Rhonda Millwater

Office Manager

Rene Cojuangco

Finance Accountant

Belinda Deguglielmo

Finance Manager 

Renee Colman

Team Assistant/ File Clerk

Colleen Lucier 

Executive Director

Carol Sonneson 

Team Assistant/ File Clerk

Kimberly Lebel 

Administrative Assistant

Marea mckinnon

Financial Assistant

corryna fladmark

Human Resources Representative

michelle amaral

Administrative Assistant

Cynthia gessner

Casual On-Call Admin


Our Michif Early Childhood Development Services consists of two programs:
1) Indigenous Supported Child Development and
2) Indigenous Infant Development. These programs are designed to help parents, service providers and family members provide the best possible start for their Métis children. In addition to providing one-to-one support LMO is also delighted to offer a variety of drop-in programs all geared towards nurturing strong, positive attachments between children and their mothers & fathers. Please contact the our office for the most current programs. 

Michif Early Childhood Development Team 

Mackenzie Papp

ECD Team Leader

Amber Letourneau

Aboriginal Early Childhood Development (ASCD)

Danielle Malcolm 

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant

Darlene Garay 

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant


Leona Larson

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant

Nicola Lovas

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant

Sarah O'Driscoll

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant

Donnelle Portras

Aboriginal Early Childhood Development (ASCD)


Our Child and youth mental health teams utilizes a holistic approach while addressing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of children, youth and families. In addition, the program is designed to ensure life promotion for all Métis families by building meaningful connections and reminding children/youth who they are as proud Métis people.
Our Family Wellness is delivered in a manner consistent with our traditional Michif values of such as respect, compassion, and generosity. Our staff are dedicated to assisting parents achieve goals that will contribute to the safety and well-being of their children and family and remember the strength and resiliency that they carry within them as Métis People. Through a variety of support services, it is our hope to instill hope and possibility during what may be a difficult time in a one’s journey as a mother or father.


Nicole Mercado

CYMH and Family Wellness Team Leader & Wellness Clinician

Melissa Chalmers

CYMH Wellness Clinician 

Hayleigh Bell

CYMH Wellness Clinician 

Denise Mccuaig 

CYMH Indigenous Counsellor

Jillian Watson 

CYMH Indigenous Counsellor

Michif Family Support 

Our Family Support Services Program is delivered in a manner consistent with our traditional Michif values of such as respect, compassion, and generosity. Our staff are dedicated to assisting parents achieve goals that will contribute to the safety and wellbeing of their children and family and remember the strength and resiliency that they carry within them as Métis People. Through a variety of support services, it is our hope to instill hope and possibility during what may be a difficult time in a one’s journey as a mother or father.

MICHIF Family Support TEAM

Lexa Smerdal

Michif Family Support Team Leader

Deanie Stevens

Michif Family  Support Worker 

Jacqueline Driver

Michif Family  Support Worker 

Lee Florence 

Michif Family Support Worker - Merritt

Melanie Allard

Michif Family Support Worker 


The teachings of our ancestors and contemporary research reinforce the importance of instilling within a child a sense of belonging and how doing so contributes to a child’s healthy development and serves as a profound protective factor throughout a child’s life. Our Michif Cultural Services Program is committed to providing opportunities for our children and youth, particularly those placed with a caregiver to develop positive connections to their families, community, and cultural identity as Métis People.


Reshie Moss

Team Leader


Community Caregiver Social Worker


In October 2017, Lii Michif Otipemisiwak Family and Community Services became the second delegated Métis child and family services agency in the province of British Columbia. With the support of our Métis Community and Nation, we are working together to develop and deliver a culturally safe, Métis specific practice model to transform and improve outcomes for our Métis children and families involved with the child welfare system.

Guided by the principles of reconciliation, we wish to develop respectful relationships with those we serve so that together we can contribute to healing and wellness within our families and keep our most precious gifts, our children, safe. 

  • Make a Report

    For any child protection concerns please contact Centralized Screening :                   1-800-663-9122

  • Child/Youth Helpline

    If you are a child/youth and would like to talk to someone call the Helpline for Children 310-1234

child safety team

Reshie moss

Delegated Team Leader

Charise coutu

Child Safety Worker

courtney sambray

Child Safety Worker

jennifer friesen

Child Safety Worker


Child Safety Worker

Pearl Madore

MCF Coordinator & Guardianship Worker


A New Beginning is a center which welcomes Indigenous youth between the ages of 16 and 27, who require support to become independent. We offer one to one support as well as a safe space for youth to gather, socialize, prepare food, use wifi, access a computer, phone, common area TV and video games. We also have access to food to take home, toiletries, harm reduction products, clothing, showers and laundry. The Center is a safe, culturally friendly space that is inclusive to all Indigenous youth. They are welcome to spend time engaging with each other, the youth support workers or their own activities.


jody Kidder

Indigenous Youth Team Leader

Daylan Kidder

Indigenous Youth Support Worker

Justene Dion-Glowa

Indigenous Youth Support Worker

Sharon Shuter

Indigenous Youth Support Worker

Jonelle Gladue

Indigenous Youth Administrative Assistant 

Daryll Laboucan

Indigenous Youth Outreach Worker

Nicola Cartwright

Indigenous Youth Support  Worker

Kikekyelc: A Place of Belonging

Kikekyelc is a culturally safe, fully supported, 31 unit condo style development that houses Indigenous youth between the ages of 16 & 27, along with Indigenous Elders. The project was developed as a response to the overrepresentation of Indigenous youth who had aged out of foster care and into dire situations including homelessness, addictions, poverty and unemployment. Indigenous youth who have had experience in the child welfare system are not well prepared to live independently upon reaching the age of adulthood. They are often unconnected to family, culture and community.

Kikeylec - A place of Belonging

Indigenous Youth Housing

Seanna Proulx

Indigenous Youth Housing Manager

Sharon Balmer

Indigenous Youth Services Life Skills Facilitator & Program Coordinator

Bonnie Walsh

Indigenous Youth Support Worker

Daryll Laboucan

Indigenous Youth Support Worker

Jay bearhead

Indigenous Youth Support Evening Worker

Philip Shupe

Building Maintenance Worker

Jason Thompson

Indigenous Night Watch Person

Lucy Johnson

Indigenous Youth Support Worker

Sue Northcott

Indigenous Youth Admin Assistant 

Paul sawan

Indigenous Youth Support Worker

Cheyenne wolfe

Indigenous Night Watch Person

Jeff gilroy

Indigenous Youth Food Service Worker